Texas Regional Results 2018

Here are the incredible athletes that have qualified for the USA Nationals 2019.

Pole Sport Amateur Junior B
1st Place – Audra Bogard

Pole Sport Amateur Women
1st Place – Lauren Hunter
2nd Place – Amy Woon

Pole Sport Pro Women
1st Place – Am’asa Baldwin

Pole Sport Elite Senior Women
1st Place – Brandi Todd
2nd Place – MaryCatherine Armstrong

Pole Art Semi Pro Women
1st Place – Sandra Kubista
2nd Place – Shevon Barnes
3rd Place – Amanda Adams

Pole Art Semi Pro Master’s 40+
1st Place – FarrahDay

Pole Art Pro Women
1st Place – Keiko Takemoto
2nd Place – Jessica Bunny

Pole Art Pro Masters 40+
1st Place – Maria Bohland

Pole Classique Amateur Women
1st Place – Christi Lea
2nd Place – Viktoriia Markova
3rd Place – Mystque

Pole Classique Amateur Master’s 40+
1st Place – Kristan Hak
2nd Place – Lisvette Marie
3rd Place – Tiffany Caliste

Pole Classique Elite Men
1st Place – Matthew Aldini

Pole Classique Elite Women
1st Place – Pam Taqo

Pole Classique Elite Women 40+
1st Place – S.T. Shimi

Accredited by the US Sports Council

POSA World Championships 2018

We are excited to host the POSA World Championships 2018 on Nov. 17-18 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at the Broward County Convention Center.

Athletes from all over the world will be competing in Pole Sport. For more information, go to https://www.posaworld.org/competitions/posa-pole-sport-world-championship-2018/. For tickets, go to https://uspolesportsfed.org/tickets-2/.



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