Studio Owner Symposium – SOS 2018 – Las Vegas

Thursday, September 6th (8AM – 6PM)

Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, NV – Studio Room 1A & 1B

(Main floor next to Fuel Cafe in Paradise Tower)


Each attendee will receive an Symposium Guide which includes all seminar notes direct from the teachers and guest speakers. This way, you can enjoy the session instead of trying to write down everything that is presented. The Symposium Guide also includes exhibitor contact information. The Symposium Guide is a great reference tool that can be used all year long! The event will be on Thursday, September 6th from 8am to 6pm. The USPSF will also host lunch during the SOS. We hope to bring you a compact day so that participates can also take advantage of workshops on Friday.

Why Attend?

Don’t miss this must attend event for Pole and Aerial Studio Owners! Come ignite your business with the USPSF – SOS. This event is designed to help studio owners take their business to the next level. Our event offers invaluable insights and exclusive training opportunities with a wide range of business critical seminars and presentations from top industry experts, networking, and industry leading exhibitors with products/services to help your business. Continuing education sparks new ideas, renews your vision and drives creativity. Join us this fall to recharge, learn, inspire, and collaborate.



Lunch and Learn – Culinary Dropout

Insurance: Don’t loose your ASSets! – Presented by Insurance Company Specialist

We have an insurance specialist who will cover important topics and the new regulations around aerial coverage. Come learn more about waivers/release forms, workman’s comp, property damage coverage, guest instructors, special events, accident coverage, unemployment, alcohol in the studio, participation of minors and more. Also understand the importance of employees vs. contractors and your risks. We will have more insight into pricing and coverage so that you can protect your you and your business.

Studio Math: Budgeting and Pricing StrategiesPresented by Dakota Fox, Owner of Aradia Fitness, NC

When it comes to networking with our pole industry studio owners, there are many things that are common ground between our businesses regardless of location. Many of those commonalities end when it comes to the discussion of what is “Normal” for a class to cost or a studio to expect to spend each month. The simple answer is, there isn’t a norm. In this session, attendees will be given tools to help them plan, determine and implement an expense program that can be most effective within their studio’s geographical location. This presentation was a huge hit the first year and the information has been updated and new information is now available on this topic we feel you cannot miss.

ASCAP: Special Studio Owner Program (Limited Time Offer)  – Presented by Ron Ramey, Director of Licensing ASCAP

There is exciting news for all studio owners who currently have an ASCAP license and for those who have not yet started. ASCAP is offering a special rate via the USPSF to all studio owners who register for their license through the USPSF. This will be open for two months (August – September). If you do not take advantage of the this offer you will lose 30-50% discounts for your studio license.

ASCAP will present on the music licensing laws and educate the community on the real truths about what you can cannot do along with the risks. We know the forums continue to discuss this issue and we hope that the record will be set straight for all of our studio owners. More in depth information from ASCAP & BMI on music in your studio, during special performances, showcases, competitions and posting on social media.

Topics covered: ASCAP Creation and Purpose, ASCAP PRO and Membership Functions, Public Performance of Music, Efficient and Cost-Effective Licensing, Association Membership Benefits, New Registration Process

Crap! I opened a pole studio! Learn how to avoids the $100,000 mistake!

Thriving not Surviving! – Presented by Aaron Schoonover

Aaron loves seeing business with a unique perspective.  Through his practical and applicable views, Aaron will challenge you to think about your business in a new way.  His career experience ranges from Manager to Owner of multiple businesses. Under his management and leadership the organizations he has been a part of have experienced over $1.5 billion in sales.  Additionally, Aaron has counseled multiple organizations from start-ups, full-turn around projects to leading organizations in various industries. Aaron enjoys watching even the smallest venture become something with tangible results.  He will bring his down-to-earth practical applications while discussing his “to the point” challenges for your Pole Studio.

  • The Lens – Why you do what you do
  • The Mistakes – Common, Yet Costly Mistakes in Pole Studios
  • The Story – What Story Do Your Numbers Tell
  • The Journey – Your Most Important Asset and Managing Your Growth

What’s that, Bungee FitnessPresented by Summer Vyne, Owner of Bittersweet Studios, FL

The new innovative way to enjoy fitness has emerged. This new apparatus brings opportunity and profits but there is significant sacrifices that may have to be made retrofitting your building and costs of equipment. We will discuss purchasing equipment at reduced rates and working to  ensure the right equipment and spaces is selected. Is this the right fitness workout for your studio? Discover the ins and outs for an understanding of the total cost of ownership.

Circus Fit Program – Presented by Terri Fierce & Michael Donahoe, Owner of Fierce Fitness Dance Studio, Ireland

This special program created by the Fierce Team has transformed their studio offerings. They will discuss why it was implemented, how the idea was created, what the curriculum includes, and what to charge per person, class or series.

Managing the Masses! Staff, Studio and Students – Presented by Amy Schoonover, Owner of all three Flirt Fitness Studios, MI

  • Creating Morale
  • Enforcing Rules
  • Handbook
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Conference calls
  • Policy Violations
  • Bad Reviews
  • Policy Posting
  • Tax & Employee Management
  • Understanding Employment Law in your state
  • Hiring and Retaining Employees
  • Federal and State Tax Issues
  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll: weekly/biweekly, direct deposit
  • Best Practices – Cloud, CPA, Bookkeeper, Attorney

Successful Marketing Strategies: Groupon is not the devil!  – Presented by Sydney Seymour

Groupon is NOT the DEVIL! Sales Funnel Basics that Will Get New Clients in Your Doors.

Just the mere mention of Groupon makes the average pole studio owner wanna vomit.  

I’ve heard it all:  

Groupon clients are so demanding…

Groupon clients never really convert…

Groupon clients always leave TERRIBLE reviews on Yelp…

I will never work with Groupon again…

But you wanna know a secret?  Some studios have figured out the key to getting quality, long-term students from Groupon and other introductory offers.

In this workshop,  you will learn:

  1. How to structure your deal to make it profitable for your studio, NOT for Groupon.
  2. Create an attractive deal that will attract customers primed for conversion.
  3. Get Groupon customers to become members within in their first couple of visits.
  4. Still not interested in Groupon?  That’s cool. We will also talk about how to structure an “in-studio” deal that accomplishes the same thing!

Website & Social Media Awesomeness – Presented by Joseph Stevenson (CEO) at Raptor Digital Marketing

  • Are you in compliance with the new google updates for your website SEO? – New changes that are effecting your business and you may not even know it. We will teach you how to manage your SEO and keep up with the changes.
  • How do you attract new clients with your website and what information needs to be there to retain the current clients?
  • Is your social media helping to impact your revenue and connecting new customers to your business?
  • What can blogs do for your website and attracting new clients?
  • What is a chatbot and can it help you?
  • Advertising Analytics: Ad words, FB Ads – New Social Media Algorithms & Getting ads approved
  • Everyone that attends the SOS will get a free analysis of their website!


Pole Fitness Alliance – Special Guest

Attend this session and learn how to protect your studio by hiring certified instructors, decrease injuries and lawsuits, as well as attract and retain students. You can also play an integral role in the Pole Fitness Alliance by setting industry standards and defining guidelines for pole certifications. During the hour, we will discuss items needed in order to receive credentialing through the National Committee for Certifying Agencies. Since the main purpose of a certification is to ensure the safety of the general public and protect the profession, it is imperative that we come together as a group to define what constitutes the general skill level and education that a pole instructor needs in order to teach basic classes, as well as, more advanced classes. Once these standards are agreed upon, we can develop the assessment criteria, and move into getting the NCCA approval of accreditation. You can play a small or large role in this movement, but this is where it starts. You won’t want to miss it. After this session, we will continue to work together as a group to ensure the stability and safety of pole instruction as a profession.


Attending the Studio Owner Symposium gives you access to experience perspectives of many different facets of the small business owner, along with the challenges you face and gives you the tools, strategies and best practices to compete successfully in today’s changing business environment.

US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium

Join us for an event that will connect, inspire, and innovate the pole and aerial sports industry!

Registration is $349 

Click to Pay Registration Fee

Accommodations & Transportation

Local Airport: McCarran Airport

Host Hotel: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Room Number will be provided to participants.

Restaurants/Other Activities Nearby: Pole Expo


Las Vegas USPSF Pole Expo 2018

Accredited by the US Sports Council

POSA World Championships 2018

We are excited to host the POSA World Championships 2018 on Nov. 17-18 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at the Broward County Convention Center.

Athletes from all over the world will be competing in Pole Sport. For more information, go to For tickets, go to



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