ASCAP License Program

The USPSF has partnered with ASCAP to help facilitate a discounted pricing schedule for all pole, aerial and fitness studio owners. Read more about this from ASCAP here!

Legally, all studios are required to have permission from the copyright holder, to play music in their facilities during classes, parties, showcases and competitions. ASCAP provides a “blanket” license to cover millions of works.

If you are currently not paying for a license you will soon receive a call or visit from ASCAP, requiring you to get the license at full price, if not part of the negotiated program with USPSF. ASCAP has added a larger number of personnel to their enforcement center currently conducting a large campaign to bring dance, pole, aerial, fitness studios and various other business locations into compliance. The field staff will also be responsible for checking accuracy on current licensees with respect to accurate policy reporting and will increase those under reported to meet full price rate schedules.

If studios do not come into compliance on their own they will be required to pay higher fees and face penalties. ASCAP has also updated their license fees and all fitness studio and dance studios will be on a different rate plan, which is now higher. We will have to ways for you to register for your license, existing license holder and new licensee.

The opportunity for Studios who have not initiated a ASCAP License will open on 9/1/18. Program details and instructions on how to initiate your license, with the USPSF discount, are below. Initial License Commencement will only be open to those federation members who are in good standing with the USPSF and ASCAP (no defaults or delinquencies).

Please click on the following link to register your studio for a license. All fees must be paid to finalize your registration.

Fee Schedule:
Student Instruction – Students per week (You would not count clients that take multiple classes in one day but would include
them each day they attend.) Your private parties and lessons should be included in this number.

Less than 50 students per week – $60
51-100 students per week – $120
101-200 students per week – $179
Over 201 students per week – $240

You can add showcases and public events you are hosting at your studio for only $15 per event.
Are you Hosting Competitions or Special Events outside of a Studio? We also have a program for you.

Less than 1000 People – $102
1001-5000 People – $129
5001 – 10,000 People – $167
(standard full rates run between $105 – $425 + additional special event pricing starts at $129)

All studios will receive a confirmation email from the USPSF of their participation and license approval. Each year you will be able to renew you license through the USPSF Special Pricing Program.

ASCAP Licenses Agreement with USPSF 2018 – Final 2018


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