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US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owners Symposium


US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium


The Studio Owner Symposium (SOS) is for pole and aerial Studio Owner’s who are looking for best business practices along with being able to network with other business professionals for intuitive solutions to improve overall business performance. The  symposium is presented by the US Pole Sports Federation  to improve the community and the opportunities available to business owners. The SOS is hosted each year allowing an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and engage. This years SOS  is being held on September 6 from 8Am – 6PM at Pole Expo in Las Vegas (Hard Rock Hotel and Casino).


The mission of the Studio Owner Symposium is to empower studio owners in the pole and aerial community to become a strong, unified and powerful small business industry. It was created to bring together like-minded pole and aerial studio owners who have a passion for the growth and development of pole and aerial education.

This symposium puts the top priorities into the spotlight, by providing a platform where key issues for business growth and development of the community can be discussed and debated. Business seminars will include industry leading speakers, and many perspectives together to give a voice to all sides of our business issues. Attending the Studio Owner Symposium gives you access to experience and perspectives of many different facets of the small business owner, along with the challenges you face and gives you the tools, strategies and best practices to compete successfully in today’s changing business environment.


The USPSF SOS promises to give studio owners and pole/aerial enthusiasts alike the motivation and inspiration they need to re-energize their passion for the sport and the business of teaching pole and aerial arts.


Join us for an event that will connect, inspire, and innovate the pole and aerial sports industry!
US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner SymposiumUS Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium

US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium    US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium



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POSA World Championships 2018

We are excited to host the POSA World Championships 2018 on Nov. 17-18 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at the Broward County Convention Center.

Athletes from all over the world will be competing in Pole Sport. For more information, go to https://www.posaworld.org/competitions/posa-pole-sport-world-championship-2018/. For tickets, go to https://uspolesportsfed.org/tickets-2/.



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