Texas Regional Results 2018

Here are the incredible athletes that have qualified for the USA Nationals 2019.

Pole Sport Amateur Junior B
1st Place – Audra Bogard

Pole Sport Amateur Women
1st Place – Lauren Hunter
2nd Place – Amy Woon

Pole Sport Pro Women
1st Place – Am’asa Baldwin

Pole Sport Elite Senior Women
1st Place – Brandi Todd
2nd Place – MaryCatherine Armstrong

Pole Art Semi Pro Women
1st Place – Sandra Kubista
2nd Place – Shevon Barnes
3rd Place – Amanda Adams

Pole Art Semi Pro Master’s 40+
1st Place – FarrahDay

Pole Art Pro Women
1st Place – Keiko Takemoto
2nd Place – Jessica Bunny

Pole Art Pro Masters 40+
1st Place – Maria Bohland

Pole Classique Amateur Women
1st Place – Christi Lea
2nd Place – Viktoriia Markova
3rd Place – Mystque

Pole Classique Amateur Master’s 40+
1st Place – Kristan Hak
2nd Place – Lisvette Marie
3rd Place – Tiffany Caliste

Pole Classique Elite Men
1st Place – Matthew Aldini

Pole Classique Elite Women
1st Place – Pam Taqo

Pole Classique Elite Women 40+
1st Place – S.T. Shimi

Accredited by the US Sports Council

USPSF Championships 2018

We are excited to host our 2018 Championships at Pole Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

USPSF Pole Sport Championships, Pole Art America, and Pole Classique will take place in September 2018. Pole Classique will be on Tuesday, September 4th before the official Pole Expo event, and Pole Art America & Pole Sport Championships will be on Wednesday, September 5th. The competitions will take place at the University of Las Vegas.

Application dates for the 2018 USPSF Championships will close on June 1st, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.


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