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Each year  the USPSF Board will make submissions of Studio Owners that fit a certain criteria for our Top 20.  The USPSF will look at how the studio/owners inspire, motivate and collaborate in a positive manner with the entire community. This will also include their social media presence, and their followers. It is not necessarily how big a studio actually is but more about the Studio Owners and their studio activities. There are so many wonderful owners out there but we were only able to choose the TOP 20 to be a contributing studios/owners.

The first Top 20 Affiliate Studios were nominated and selected by the USPSF Executive Committee in 2018.  They will remain in the Top 20 as long as they follow the criteria of our program. Selection was based on the following:

  • Support of the USPSF, which includes, but is not limited to: USPSF mission and goals; participation in USPSF events such as the Pole Sport Championship, Pole Classique and Pole Art America competitions; participation in the Studio Owner’s Symposium; participating in training’s and athlete functions; sharing/liking USPSF social media posts; tagging the USPSF in social media posts
  • Active participation in the Pole Sport/Pole Art community
  • Displays support of other studios and athletes

Accredited by the US Sports Council

POSA World Championships 2018

We are excited to host the POSA World Championships 2018 on Nov. 17-18 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at the Broward County Convention Center.

Athletes from all over the world will be competing in Pole Sport. For more information, go to For tickets, go to



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