SOS 2018 – Las Vegas

Thursday, September 6th &

Friday, September 7th 2018

9:00am – 5:00pm Both Days

Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, NV


Each full attendee will receive an Event/Symposium Guide which includes seminar notes direct from the teachers and guest speakers. This way, you can enjoy the session instead of trying to write down everything the teachers/speakers say! The Event/Symposium Guide also includes exhibitor contact information and the USPSF Championships Program. The Event/Symposium Guide is a great reference tool all year long! The event will conclude on Friday and our SOS Cocktail Party will start at 5:30pm at Culinary Dropout.


  • Insurance
  • Studio Math: Budgeting and Pricing Strategies – Presenter: Dakota Fox
  • Music Licensing – More in depth information from ASCAP & BMI – YouTube
  • Cirque Fit Program/Bungee Workout
  • Youth Programs: Programs and Marketing
  • Studio Owner Problem Solve
  • Studio Facility – Signage, cameras, equipment, decor etc
  • Website SEO – New changes that are effecting your business!
  • Advertising Analytics: Ad words, FB Ads – New Social Media Algorithms & Getting ads approved!
  • Online Scheduling Software
  • Business 101 – Customer Experience, instructor pay/incentives, membership pricing, contracts, collections, competition team incentives, work trade

Attending The Pole and Aerial Sports Conference & Studio Owner Symposium gives you access to experience and perspectives of many different facets of the small business owner, along with the challenges you face and gives you the tools, strategies and best practices to compete successfully in today’s changing business environment.

US Pole Sports Federation Studio Owner Symposium

Join us for an event that will connect, inspire, and innovate the pole and aerial sports industry!

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Accommodations & Transportation

Local Airport: McCarran Airport

The USPSF Championships will take place in Las Vegas, NV.

Host Hotel: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Room Number will be provided to participants.

Restaurants/Other Activities Nearby: Pole Expo

Rental Car Info: BudgetEnterpriseAvis

Las Vegas USPSF Pole Expo 2018

Accredited by the US Sports Council

USPSF Championships 2018

We are excited to host our 2018 Championships at Pole Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

USPSF Pole Sport Championships, Pole Art America, and Pole Classique will take place in September 2018. Pole Classique will be on Tuesday, September 4th before the official Pole Expo event, and Pole Art America & Pole Sport Championships will be on Wednesday, September 5th. The competitions will take place at the University of Las Vegas.

Application dates for the 2018 USPSF Championships will close on June 1st, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.


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