Pole Art America 2018

US Pole Sports Federation Presents Pole Art America 2017

The US Pole Sports Federation is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Pole Art America – happening September 2018 (exact dates and location TBA), in Las Vegas, NV.

Pole Art America was created to promote creativity and innovation in the pole community. We hope to attract international athletes from around the world to come share their talents and skills with the World. With this competition we encourage athletes to show their artistic and creative abilities in additional to their athleticism  along with sportsmanship.

The USPSF and Pole Sports & Arts World Federation (POSA) scoring system is broken down into two parts: Artistic Section & Technical/Execution Section. Athletes will be judged in both sections during their routine therefore the athlete who shows the highest level of artistry and execution will be awarded the most points as a final score. The final score is a combination of the artistic section, and the technical / execution section. In addition to those two sections athletes will also be scored on appreciated elements and originality. It is important that an athlete incorporates all sections into their routine to be awarded the most points. This scoring system not only encourages and promotes a balance of a highly artistic and a technically sound athlete. The top three elite athletes in each division will move on to the POSA – Pole Art World Championships 2018.

Pole Art America Divisions:

Women’s International Semi-Pro
Men’s International Semi-Pro
Juniors International Semi-Pro
Junior International Pro
Doubles International Pro
Master’s International Pro
Men’s International Pro
Women’s International Pro


  1. Read all Rules and Regulations
  2. Fill out application form and submit (See below)
  3. Click the red registration button and pay your athlete fee ($80 for Semi-Pro – $130 for Professional)

Deadline: June 1 at 11:59pm

Click to Pay Registration Fee

Pole Art Application

Pole-Art-Rules 2018

POSA-Music-Release 2017

Contact Info:

Any questions, comments, concerns, and all required athlete submission materials/info must be sent to: president@usapolesports.org

USPSF Championships 2018

We are excited to host our 2018 Championships at Pole Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

USPSF Pole Sport Championships and Pole Art America will take place in September 2018. Pole Art America & Pole Sport Championships will be on Wednesday before the official Pole Expo event.

Application dates for the 2018 USPSF Championships will closed on June 1st, 2018.


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